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After-sale Service

After-sale Service

FUJI TEKKO's After-sale Service Structure

In addition to our integrated production system, as typified by our integrated mechanical and electrical support and extremely high in-house production rate, FUJI TEKKO also supports users with a thorough after-sale service structure following the delivery of machines.

Remote maintenance (technology for remote monitoring of operating conditions)

Even for machines delivered to remote locations or overseas factories, FUJI TEKKO's electrical engineers can diagnose sequence and motor errors in real-time using remote maintenance technology to quickly determine the causes of problems and assist in finding solutions.

Case of remote maintenance

Conventional case

Electrical problem occurs
monitoring starts
Problem solved
Electrical problem occurs
Move to the location
Problem solved
Technician from FUJI TEKKO arrives


The current sequence data is saved to a PC attached to the control panel with a single click.
By sending an e-mail to FUJI TEKKO, current defects can be immediately detected.

Enhancing Machine Performance (Customized Cases)

FUJI TEKKO also responds to various requests for modifications to enhance machine performance after delivery.
For modifications other than those listed below, please contact your local sales representative.

Modification Item
Specific Contents
Modification for faster speed
Gearing and motor capacity modification
Modification to improve quality
Modification of touch roller tracking method
Modification for saving labor and manpower
Introduction of various automation systems
Noise and vibration measure modifications
Introduction of dampers, bushings, etc. and various anti-vibration measures
Modification for larger diameter
Increased rigidity of drive system and other parts

For Long Service Life (Overhaul Information)

FUJI TEKKO recommends various overhauls to prolong the life of your machines.
For models other than those listed below, please contact your local sales representative.

  • ARW(M20) overhaul informationPDF
  • ARW(M15) overhaul informationPDF
  • ARW (aluminum) overhaul informationPDF
  • Wallpaper APM overhaul information
  • Triaxial wrap winder overhaul information

Electro-pneumatic Equipment Discontinuation Information

There may be situations beyond our control when the equipment used in our machines becomes discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we recommend early replacement to guard against sudden failures.