About the Corporate Logo

Corporate Mark


The corporate logo mark expresses the good faith with which we respond to the trust of our customers and the high level of technology and quality with which we are able to reliably meet diverse requests, in a font that is simple yet powerful and precise. The "O" symbolically represents the "makitori" winding that constitutes the basis of FUJI TEKKO's business and is designed to symbolize the company's posture whereby each and every employee works together in a company-wide effort to tackle our work.

Corporate Slogan

Ultimate Winding and Slitting

Since its establishment in 1954, FUJI TEKKO has cultivated high-quality and advanced technological capabilities through its creative development organization. Our corporate slogan is a declaration to ourselves and to the world that we will use these strengths to provide the best products to meet the increasingly diverse and complex needs of our customers. This slogan expresses the confidence and pride we hold in our inimitable quality and technology, and our strong will to further improve our technology and accumulate knowledge to ensure that we continue to be chosen by our customers into the future.