Technological Challenges

Landmarks of Technological Innovation

FUJI TEKKO, which was established after it became independent from the machinery division of a woven fabric dyeing company, has successively expanded its technical fields from weaving to spinning, plastic, rubber, paper, aluminum, other metals, and other special materials, and from "winding machines" to "slitters," "automatic packaging machines," and "factory automation systems".
The history of FUJI TEKKO, which received the "Director General of Science and Technology Agency Award" twice in 1985 and 1990, as well as the "Medal with Yellow Ribbon" in 1999 and the "The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays" in 2016, is also a history of untiring technological innovation.

  • 1954


    Developed a winder for intermediate products in the woven fabric dyeing processes. This later came to be used for non-woven fabrics and leather.

  • 1956

    ALC(Received the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation Award.)

    Automatic wrap winder in the mixing and blowing process of cotton spinning. This improved line operating rates by 15% and contributed to labor saving and higher quality.

  • 1962

    ASL(Received the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation Award.)

    Automatic winder for wraps fed to combers in the cotton spinning combing process.

  • 1963

    AFW(Received the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation Award.)

    Surface drive automatic winder used in calendering lines for PVC film production. This contributed to faster speed, labor saving, and safety on lines.

  • 1965


    Automatic replacement core conversion device fitted to AFW. This promoted labor saving.

  • 1965

    ALT(For cotton spinning comber)

    Automatic conveyor for wraps wound by ASL-L. This contributed to labor saving.

  • 1966


    Center-driven automatic winder for plastic film. This enabled automatic cutting of hard, thick sheets.

  • 1970


    High-speed slitter for films. This achieved a winding rate of 600 m/min.

  • 1970

    ARW(Received the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation Award.)

    High-speed rewinder for household wrap film.

  • 1971

    ACW-NL(Awarded the Director General of Science and Technology Agency Award)

    No-loss type automatic winder for PVC wrap film. This eliminated the need to peel off the surface of the wound-up film.

  • 1973


    Automatic packaging device for wound cylindrical web rolls using paper, film, etc.

  • 1975


    Automatic rewinder for household aluminum foil.

  • 1975


    Device for trimming both ends of wound-up rolls of wrap film. This addressed complaints about edge breakage during rewinding.

  • 1982

    ARW-AL(For blow film)

    By connecting a tensionless accumulator to the inflation AHW, we realized automatic right-angle cutting, reduced defect rates and stabilized operations.

  • 1987


    High-speed cutter for sanitary paper and non-woven fabrics.

  • 1991


    High-speed household wrap film rewinder.

  • 1992


    Comber wrap automatic transfer with automatic wrap splicing.

  • 1993


    Automation of the slitting and packaging processes by connecting a suspension-type automatic slitter and packaging machine.

  • 1993

    WRS-WS39(Awarded the Ministry of Science and Technology Incentive Award.)

    Suspension-type automatic slitter. This improved production efficiency by drastically reducing downtime.

  • 1996


    Friction shaft-type precision general purpose slitter.

  • 1996


    Wide high-speed winder with 3-inch core realizing 3 m wide x 300 m/min in-line slit winding.

  • 2002


    Adhesive roll automatic winding and packaging machine. Automatic winding and packaging machine with coater for adhesive sheets that rolled the adhesive face outward.

  • 2002


    Coreless automatic winder. Coreless automatic winder for winding film without using a paper tube.

  • 2004


    Development of wide high-speed slitter for BOPP (width 6,600 mm, speed 1,200 m/min, winding diameter φ1,000 mm).

  • 2006


    Development of laminating equipment for optical film.

  • 2007


    Development of a fully automatic packaging machine for pressure-sensitive paper.

  • 2009


    Rotation-type winder. This winder performed the rewinding operation in a direct and dynamic manner.

  • 2011


    Development of slitter for optical PET.

  • 2012


    Development of take-up winder for optical PET.

  • 2012


    Development of fully automatic suspension-type slitter.

  • 2014


    Development of a winder for optical film (TAC, COP, acrylic, PVA).

  • 2016


    Development of a secondary slitter for LiB separator.

  • 2016


    Development of high-speed, large-diameter unwinder slitter for non-woven fabric.

  • 2018


    Development of unwinder and winder for copper foil and AL foil coaters.

  • 2021


    Development of wide LiB separator winder and slitter.

  • 2021


    Development of wide LiB separator slitter.

The 2nd President
Yukimichi Matsumoto

  • Awarded the Director General of Science and Technology Agency Award in FY1990
  • Awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon in FY1999
  • Awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays, FY2016

The "Director General of Science and Technology Agency Award" and "Medal with Yellow Ribbon" were presented to the company for a number of effective inventions. Among these were the "turret-type automatic winder," which enabled automatic winding of adhesive film for food packaging directly in the film production line to a predetermined width and high-speed winding with a short cycle and no loss, and two models of a "household wrap film winder".