Production System

Development and Production System

R&D Organization

Engineering Department

An elite technical group of 46 members provides services from before-sale service (presentation, verification testing, planning and development) to after-sale service.

Qualified personnel

Mechanical design
Nationally accredited first-class certified technicians: 11
Electrical design
Nationally accredited first-class certified technicians: 10
Engineering Department

Patents and utility models



Domestic: 203 Overseas: 50
Utility models

Utility models

Domestic: 104

Research and Development

If necessary, we also develop prototypes at the actual machine level and verify the required performance and quality to meet customer needs.
In addition, as the managing company of the "Web Handling Research Association," an industry-academia organization, we are also working daily on the theoretical clarification and practical verification of web handling.

Research and Development Building

In 2017, we constructed a research and development building in the Katano No. 2 Factory to promote further new product development as a specialist in the web handling field.
We will actively conduct test runs of inquired machines and use our exhibited machines to respond to new materials requested by our customers.