Proud of our quality.
Keep up with needs.
Technology to vreate.

Pursuing the possibilities for web handling

We meet all kinds of customer requests in the field of "winders, slitters, and packaging machines" with the highest quality.

Creative specialists who face customer needs with sincerity

While issues faced by customers are becoming more diverse and complex, our specialists use the high quality and advanced technical skills that we have cultivated over many years through our creative development organization to always listen attentively to customers and to continually create original products that none of our competitors can imitate.

That is what we do at Fuji Tekko.

We have confidence in and take pride in our one-of-a-kind quality and technology that none of our competitors can imitate. Also, in order to continue to be selected by our customers into the future, we will strive to further refine our technology and accumulate more knowledge.


Using our original technology to establish a position as "No. 1 in Asia, in both name and deed"

Since our founding in 1954, we have grown each day by contributing to our customers' manufacturing as specialists in winders, slitters, and packaging machines in the web handling field (plastic film, nonwoven cloth, etc.).

Taking pride in the "advanced technology at Fuji Tekko," each and every one of our employees keeps not only our product quality but also our employee quality and overall organizational quality at high levels and strives for continual improvement. We believe that this leads to gaining the "trust" of our customers and, by extension, to protecting our brand of "advanced technology at Fuji Tekko."


Meeting diversified needs with individually-designed products

To meet the increasingly diverse and complex needs of our customers, we propose the best and most suitable winder and slitter products with confidence and pride in our quality and technology that none of our competitors can imitate.

Packaging Machines
Packaging Machines